Sunday, June 13, 2021

Hello everyone,

It is the summer as I remember it and I love it.  I’ll take weather like this all year.  Please get out this weekend and enjoy it.

Also, please join us for Strawberry Shortcake on the Go!  We will be selling our town famous Strawberry shortcake on Sunday from 5:00pm until 7:30pm or as long as it lasts.  So far we have requests for 8 shortcakes.  If you would like to preorder you may email me UNTIL 6:00pm tomorrow.  I will come in then to run the pre-signup sheets.  I missed it so much last year.  I just can’t seem to replicate it at home.  Just like when you eat out it always tastes better when someone else makes it.  If there is anyone who would like to help us hull strawberries on Sunday we will be hulling on the stage following the service on Sunday.  Join us!

The bulletin and Crier are attached if you are joining us on the live stream.

So, the sun is shining, the humidity is low, shortcake is coming and life is good.  See you on Sunday.

Take care and stay safe!


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