Midweek Update: 4th Sunday After Pentecost

Dear friends in Christ, I hope you’re all doing well and getting opportunity to enjoy this beautiful day. I have a few things to highlight for this week:

Indoor Worship Updates

Council met last night, and we’ve decided to end preregistration for indoor worship. We’re still going to have people sign in when you arrive for worship. So, you can just come and sign in when you get here. Additionally, next Sunday, 6/27, we’re going to reintroduce everyone singing a closing hymn. This week we’re lucky to have our bell quartet playing!

Other COVID Updates

Outdoor worship, outdoor church activities, etc. now are mask optional. We’re also no longer having sign ins/registration for outdoor worship.

Memorial Service for John Somero Sat. 6/19@11am on the Green

The memorial service for John is this Saturday. Please bring a chair. I’m going to try to record the service, and if it comes out alright, I will post it on our YouTube channel in the days after for those of you who are unable to make it. If you are available Saturday morning, we could use volunteers to help set up chairs on the green for guests who won’t know to bring one. People will start setting things up around 9am. We will also need help cleaning things up after the service.

Summer Worship Plans

St. George’s has decided with things being so unsettled with the pandemic that it would be best to hold off on having joint summer worship this year. So, both July and August we’re going to be having worship at MCC at 10am.

General Comments

Thank you to everyone who helped out with our Strawberry Shortcake on the Go! And thank you to everyone who bought shortcake! We sold out of shortcake! I also want to thank Dinova’s for generously donating the strawberries this year. I’ve attached a few photos from the Strawberry Shortcake on the Go! I hope you all have a good week!


Pastor Katrina

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