Inside the Holtcamp Organ

What has 1,396 pipes and never smokes (except when a master musician lights it up)? Our Holtcamp organ!

In this special second-hour presentation, MCC Organist Dave Obarowski takes us behind the scenes to learn about the history of the “king of instruments,” how they work, and what makes them different from playing the piano.

Have fun, learn something, and come on down on Sunday mornings to hear him play!

(The actual presentation starts about 2:00 on this video counter, the waiting theme from “Jeopardy!” as we gather the clan.)

In shining armor

One of the best parts of being in a faith community is getting to know your friends and neighbors. Longtime member Kent Sullivan-Wiley has been fascinated by the Middle Ages since his childhood in Europe, and is part of a historic re-enactment group focusing on the late 15th century.

He showed us the behind-the-scenes suiting up of a foot soldier during a presentation after outdoor worship on April 18. Photos and video by Katrina Manzi.